Deep tissue treatment to relieve pain and realign the body

Do you suffer from chronic pain in muscles or joints (over many months or years)?


Are you suffering from pain that has come on quite recently, perhaps as a result of an awkward movement, an injury or over-use of certain muscles (stiff or achy neck, shoulder pain, a pulled muscle or twisted ankle)?


Do you have an intermittent pain problem that flares up at times of stress or after overdoing some activity (back pain, headaches, sciatica, RSI symptoms, plantar fasciitis)?


Do you have symptoms that aren't exactly pain but are uncomfortable all the same, such as restless legs at night, limited movement in a joint, a bit of numbness or tingling, a clicky jaw, weakness in certain muscles, occasional twinges with certain movements? Are you unhappy about your posture?


If you are saying 'yes' to any of these sorts of problems and if you are satisfied that there isn't an underlying condition that needs medical investigation, then you could benefit from having Structural Massage treatment. Use the navigation menu on the left to find out how structural imbalances in the body can be an underlying cause of many of these problems and the ways in which this treatment aims to correct those imbalances. 


If, having read the more detailed information on this website, you are still not sure whether the treatment is right for you (or if you would like the opportunity to meet me before making up your mind) then I would be happy to give you a free, no obligation, 15 minute consultation which should clarify whether the treatment might be of help in resolving your particular problem.


William Wheen DC MAO