Structural massage treatment


I use a varied range of soft tissue techniques including joint mobilisation, rocking, trigger point work and stretches but the treatment mainly involves focused and, if necessary, quite deep massage. This helps to release areas of tension and congestion which usually arise as a result of the body attempting to compensate for long-held postural imbalances.  It is a thorough, physical whole-body treatment which aims to relieve pain and improve the body's ability to move freely and function well. 


I call this Structural Massage because the effectiveness of this approach derives from trying to identify and treat those areas which are contributing to structural misalignment and mechanical imbalance within the body. When structural balance is restored the body can harness its own healing potential to relieve troublesome symptoms. To gain maximum benefit from the treatment I normally recommend one or two targeted stretching or toning exercises to do at home as well as changes to any lifestyle habits that may be contributing to the problem.